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Archive for February, 2017

  • 3-D printer idea pays off for Amherst whiz kid, engineer-dad

    Wednesday, February 22,2017

    Zack Vader has always wanted to know why things work the way they do, or why there isn’t a better way. He and his father, Scott, hashed out the most interesting answers in a journal they’ve kept for years. Most ideas haven’t panned out, but one has.

  • Next set of online courses from UB-developed digital manufacturing and design series to open

    Wednesday, February 15,2017

    Three online courses developed by the University at Buffalo that explore technologies revolutionizing American factories — Advanced Manufacturing Process Analysis, Intelligent Machining and the Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise — will roll out on the worldwide Coursera platform beginning next week.

  • Demand for engineers will keep growing

    Tuesday, February 14,2017

    In a Buffalo Business First article, UB Engineering Dean Liesl Folks says there is local demand for data science experts and professionals with keen analytical skills.

  • Wearable tech: trend or fad?

    Monday, February 6,2017

    Albert Titus, professor and chair of biomedical engineering at UB, weighs in on the growing use of wearable technology in a Buffalo News article.

  • Researchers build ultimate solar-powered water purifier

    Wednesday, February 1,2017

    Research by UB associate professor Qiaoqiang Gan found a highly efficient and inexpensive way to turn saltwater and contaminated water into potable water for personal use.

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