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Archive for June, 2018

  • Beer. Soup. Barley’s next great use? A medical imaging drink

    Wednesday, June 27,2018

    Before launching their latest science experiment, UB researchers bought more than 200 types of tea, chocolate, herbs and other foodstuffs. The goal wasn’t to stock up for long hours in the lab, but rather to find an elusive, edible contrast agent to show doctors what’s happening inside our bodies.

  • Rough terrain? No problem for beaver-inspired autonomous robot

    Wednesday, June 27,2018

    Autonomous robots excel in factories and other manmade spaces, but struggle with the randomness of nature. To help these machines overcome uneven terrain and other obstacles, UB researchers have turned to beavers, termites and other animals.

  • Workplace fatigue problems can be curbed, experts say

    Wednesday, June 20,2018

    An article on Business Insurance about measures employers can take to combat fatigue in the workplace interviews Lora Cavuoto, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

  • Your reaction to pics of Leonardo DiCaprio, animals could unlock your smartphone

    Thursday, June 7,2018

    A biometric system proposed by professors from the UB Department of Computer Science and Engineering measures brainwaves and creates a brain password that’s ‘cancelable,’ meaning it can be reset if hacked.

  • Learn the basics of blockchain: Q&A with Dr. Bina Ramamurthy

    Tuesday, June 5,2018

    Dr. Bina Ramamurthy, UB computer science and engineering research associate professor, shares what you can learn from the four-course Blockchain series on the Coursera learning platform.

займ на карту займ на карту срочно без отказа