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Williamsville Central School District

Williamsville CSD Case Study

Faced with increased pressure from New York State budget constraints and other economic demands, Williamsville Central School District decided in 2010 to start addressing its overall operational effectiveness with Lean Six Sigma after learning of its successful application in government. Changes are being made, money is being saved and operations are becoming more efficient in the transportation, facilities and child nutrition system departments of Western New York’s largest suburban school district.


  • Introduced a cross section of 18 key managers to components of a business management system and Lean Six Sigma concepts
  • Created a Value Stream Map to understand the flow of operations in the child nutrition system and identify improvements
  • Brainstormed improvements for facilities and transportation departments by examining communication breakdowns in events preparation, time factors of snow removal and processes of special field trips
  • Reviewed child nutrition department staffing and job functions to better align people, materials and equipment
  • Trained 55 facilities managers and custodial staff in supervisory skills


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