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  • UB engineer weighs in on Florida bridge collapse

    Friday, March 16,2018

    Amjad Aref, a researcher at UB’s Institute of Bridge Engineering, is quoted in an article of The Washington Post about the catastrophic collapse of a Florida International University pedestrian bridge.

  • Amit Goyal elected to National Academy of Engineering

    Thursday, February 8,2018

    Amit Goyal, an internationally recognized materials scientist and director of UB’s RENEW Institute, has been named a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

  • Overcoming gender discrimination

    Monday, February 5,2018

    The NAVIGATE Project aims to provide women graduate students with skills to recognize and overcome gender inequality, ultimately helping solve the gender gap in STEM fields.

  • How can DMAIC work for you?

    Wednesday, January 10,2018

    Define. Measure. Analyze. Improve. Control. Or DMAIC, for short. Feeling intimidated? Let us convince you that this five-letter acronym is much less complicated than you may presume, and why you might reconsider your stance about its relevance.

  • Crypto curious? UB offers intro course on blockchain technology

    Tuesday, December 19,2017

    UB is debuting a course this January that will serve as an introduction to blockchain, a software platform expected to change the world’s financial system.

  • Your smartphone’s next trick? Fighting cybercrime

    Monday, December 18,2017

    Not comfortable with Face ID and other biometrics? This cybersecurity advancement may be for you.

  • Fighting extreme poverty

    Monday, December 11,2017

    A new mapping technique shows how researchers are developing computational tools to create timely and detailed poverty maps.

  • IIoT university: Student profile

    Monday, December 4,2017

    Mohammad Shahbaaz, a recent graduate with a bachelor of engineering, shares his thoughts about the Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology Specialization with Smart Industry.

  • Why can’t we fix our devices?

    Thursday, November 30,2017

    UB assistant professor Sara Behdad examines the common practice of throwing away broken computers and smartphones rather than fixing them.

  • TCIE announces spring courses

    Monday, November 27,2017

    TCIE’s upcoming line-up of professional education and training includes continuous improvement methodologies, internal auditing, manufacturing operations, and finance.

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