Certified Lean Professional (CLP)

This course prepares participants to implement tools of the waste-minimizing Lean methodology, resulting in cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, cycle-time reduction and standardized high quality.

Specific Lean tools covered include:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Work Place Organization
  • Visual Control
  • 5-S
  • Flow
  • Mistake Proofing/Error Proofing/Poke Yoke
  • Set-up Reduction/Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Standardized Work
  • Kanban/Pull Systems and Employee Empowerment

All sessions are packed with a mix of theory and practice. The course encompasses a Kaizen simulation, problem solving, project charters, change management and team leadership skills. Candidates hear real examples of challenges faced during Lean implementation. They learn about the importance of using metrics to measure improvements.

The final session includes a complete program review and project progress report-out.

Certification requires passing a final exam and completing a successful Lean project at the candidate’s place of work or a qualified host company/organization (candidate must secure arrangements). Successful projects require access to relevant personnel and data.


* Note: A CLP Plus version includes an additional four hours of one-on-one coaching. Our experience indicates that project success correlates with the level of internal expertise and support. Extra hours are invaluable to candidates who may lack internal support and/or guidance within their organizations. Coaching may take place at your location or another venue.

Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp the concept of value added and non-valued added activities
  • Recognize the eight types of waste within an organization
  • Become effective Lean leaders within an organization, equipped with the Lean tools and concepts to help eliminate waste, improve on-time delivery and boost product quality

Intended Audience
Highly motivated individuals serving in a range of positions at any type of organization, from shop-floor employees to executives


  • Identification of an improvement project before first class
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

Course Dates:

  • Class dates: September 27, October 4, October 11, October 18, October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15, November 29, December 6, December 13
  • Project review sessions: February 4 and February 11 (each participant has one 30-minute, one-on-one project review session with the instructor on one of the two dates)
  • Exam date: December 20, 2018
  • Project due date: March 29, 2019

Course Schedule:

Start Date: 09/27/2018
Time: 6:00 pm To 9:00 pm
Venue: UB's Technology Incubator / Baird Research Park
Room 206 / 208

Instructor Bio: Julie Stiles, CLP

As a Certified Lean Professional and Activity-Based Cost Management expert with UB TCIE, Julie has helped companies in multiple industries to improve business performance and profitability for 20+ years. Julie’s experience and down-to-earth presentation style contribute to her unique ability to make concepts come alive, inspiring her clients to look at what they do with the fresh perspective they need to achieve results.


An early-bird discount of $100 is valid until August 24 (reflected in current price).

Format: Classroom Based

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