Intro to FMEA

This one-day course is recommended for design and manufacturing engineers, as well as quality managers/engineers, who are involved in the product development process and want to learn how to avoid potential failures in design. It presents an overview of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) approach and demonstrates how it promotes robust product design and manufacturing. Participants will learn how FMEA tools and teams can improve product reliability and contribute toward risk management. An interactive case study exercise will be performed to illustrate a practical application of the FMEA technique.

Topics covered include:

  • FMEA: What, where, how and why
  • A methodical approach to FMEA
  • How to assemble an FMEA team
  • FMEA tools
  • FMEA in design and manufacturing
  • The relationship between system design, performance and manufacturing

Prerequisite: None

Course Schedule:

Start Date: 02/27/2018
Time: 8:00 am To 5:00 pm
Venue: UB's Technology Incubator / Baird Research Park
Room 105

Instructor Bio: Peter Baumgartner, CSSMBB

As UB TCIE’s Operational Excellence Director, Mr. Baumgartner is a resident expert in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools who has delivered substantial, validated hard and soft savings across a variety of projects in finance, medical devices, insurance, food services, building materials, publishing, and other service-related industries, as well as manufacturing. He has nearly 10 years of experience with a global company in serving as the lead on a multitude of process improvement project teams that have delivered record performance in yields, cost reduction, quality and safety. With an M.S. in statistics, Mr. Baumgartner has an advanced understanding and application of statistics, and develops the potential in others through helping them understand Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.

Intro to FMEA

Format:Classroom Based

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