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Engineering Solutions

Innovation is crucial to possessing a valid presence in the global arena. New York State’s largest and most comprehensive public engineering school is stocked with expertise and resources to derive solutions for your business needs, thus eradicating technical barriers to growth.

Case Studies:

  • Crafting a Layout to Match Manufacturing Demands
  • Laying the Groundwork for a New Product

Operational Excellence

You want your organization to be the best, and so do we. Our vehicle to get you there is Operational Excellence. This philosophy and set of practices hinge on continual improvement to achieve lasting progress throughout your entire organization. Optimize your processes, strategy and people.

Professional Development

A constantly evolving business climate and fluctuating economy demand learning new tools to accelerate your career. Our programs nourish you with business improvement knowledge, preparing you to better support your company’s strategic initiatives. Acquire technical and soft skills, diversify your resume and make a difference.

Case Studies:

  • Enabling Record-Setting Feats
  • Giving a Voice to All


We know that staying ahead of the curve, or simply remaining afloat, is a difficult feat for any company. Foster your organization’s advancement with a grant that partially subsidizes a technical assistance project using the University at Buffalo’s engineering services. Lift your market posture, retain employees and create jobs.

Case Studies:

  • Preventing Job-Related Injuries
  • Deciding the Best Use of Space
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